How to make (almost) anything

by Thrasyvoulos Karydis

Machines that make!

This week we had to work as a group to create a machine using Nadya's and James's "Modular Machines" modules! We decided to create a light painting 2-axis machine using a laser head and a mounted DSLR camera with long exposure. You can see the full documentation of the procect under the "Projects" link here.

I was part of the Laser EE (Electrical Engineering) and our task was to find a laser module and create a node to which the gestalt python program could speak in order to turn it on and off when desired. After our group meeting, I milled and soldered the laser control board and helped the rest of the team with programming it.

Our project was successful and in the end we produced nice (a bit blurry due to focus) light paintings of svg images! It was awesome how teamwork can speed up a project and make a working prototype in no-time! Go to the documentation to see the different groups and how we worked together.